Monday, October 27, 2008

Not Me Monday Part VI

Is it really Monday already? My pal KimD sent me a message this weekend alerting me that I have been lax on posting - yikes... I didn't realize I hadn't come back last week!!!

So it appears that it is THAT time again! Time to confess to all of those things you didn't do last week, and maybe clear some air, get some things off your chest, maybe even share a little TMI, and while you are at it, visit the Queen Mother of "Not Me Monday" - MckMama - as she is winding down to the arrival of her miracle baby Stellan. Can you believe he will be here in 2 days??? When you are done cheering for his arrival, please remember to keep them in your prayers. Pray that God will deliver him into their arms with a healthy heart!

Here goes...

On Monday I did not give attitude toward the publisher of our local very small town paper, only to be called to the carpet for it on Tuesday by said publisher.

I did not in turn call him to the carpet for his rude comments to me via email over an ad I sent him the week before when asking for a price. Read: the comment "what part of 'your' did you not understand?" actually came from his fingertips!

On Thursday I did not make the first call to confront him again for slamming my integrity in public - to one of my friends no less - because he was mad at me for calling his bluff. I truly did not yet get to speak my mind to him as he avoided me at the luncheon I held that he attended just after getting busted. Th'a nerve!

I did not taunt fellow Board Members of the Club after the grant reading on Thursday. I would never tell them some sob story about how harsh the process was in a very melancholy voice. And I certainly did not string them along for a few moments before yelling "WE GOT IT" in the phone. My penance was several expletives hollered back to me, with all of us in tears as we revel in the knowledge that we may actually be able to make it through the winter with little to no pain! Yay us!

I did not wait until the last minute to pack for my trip up north for the Relay For Life Leadership Summit. In fact, I did not wait until 15 minutes before I was scheduled to leave, causing me to be 20 minutes late to pick up my fellow traveller! Nope, I am not a procrastinator. Ok, well maybe just a little (proof is in the pudding, aka, my last 4 "Not Me's").

I did not go to Coach on the way up north and buy a new purse. Nope. Didn't do it. Ok, yes I did. But I didn't mean to. So that makes it all ok! Ok, no it doesn't, but the last two times I went I didn't buy one, so the third time was the charm - and oh was it charming... Imagine my glee when I stepped through the doors to see not 20% off signs, not 30% off signs, but 40% and 50% off signs! Tell me you too would not have caved! I dare you!! I also found a GORGEOUS pink signature small duffle with pink suede and leather for get this - $55 - yes, I said $55 - for my very good friend who had a horrible week. So what if it hurt my check book a little. I saved twice that on the purse I bought for myself!

My new lovely!

Friends new lovely!

I did not come home on Saturday night and immediately fall asleep on the sofa. I did not then crawl straight into bed. Hey, it was 10 pm, and I had been on the road since 3! Give me a break.

I did not however get dressed yesterday until 7. And I DID take a 2 hour nap in the middle of the afternoon.

I cannot believe it SNOWED yesterday. Ok, I can. I live in MN - geesh. I truly cannot believe how windy it has been though... Yesterday our sustained winds here on the prairie were 45-50mph with gusts over 60. We have tree sized branches down in the back yard. Today the sustained winds are only 35 - with gusts upwards of 45-50. I have wondered since, oh, 5 this morning, how my 40# 6 year old was going to get into the school building without blowing over.

I do need to get the kids to school, so I digress...

Have a HAPPY MONDAY!!!!!!!!

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