Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Birthday one day early!

I know that tomorrow's post is already in cue - it is an annual post - and its a sad one. But it also commemorates an important day!

The day that this young Chicky turned 4

Tomorrow she will turn 12, and while I don't want to over shadow her day with sadness, it was also a poignant day in her life - and we talk about it every year on that same day - it was the last birthday she got to spend with her beloved grandma - the other pea to her pod - the Peter Pan to her Tinker Bell (grandma's nickname for her).

So while I do not want to take that memory from her, I also do not want it to slip by that she is celebrating a very large milestone (in her words):

  • The last year she can order from the kids menu (poor thing! ha!)
  • The last year she will be called a "kid" (I hate to remind her that "kid" is her nickname!)
  • The last year she is not considered a "teen" which means she is grown up (um, I'm not ready for this...)
  • The last year she is in middle school (very true - as long as she keeps up the homework!)
  • The last year she has to shop in the kids section at the clothing store (that actually ended last year, but don't ruin it for her k?)
  • The last year she has to wear glasses (she thinks when she turns 13 she gets contacts...)

(and no, this is NOT the last year you will be called that!)

We have quite the birthday planned for her - with one big secret! My pally is going to come down and surprise her! She is hostessing a girls overnight at the local Motel. They will have their own room, a pool party, pizza, movies, and a girly spa! I know the GM at the Motel and she assured me that the only other room they will allow occupancy nearby is mine and pally's! Because we are positive that there will be giggles, squeals and loudness protruding from that room all night long!

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