Friday, September 25, 2009

I saw dead people

Did you see them?

I caught glimpses of "Flash Forward" during commercials on Survivor. And I saw dead people!

Lost is now all making sense to me... Charlie didn't explode in a submarine! Penny didn't fall down a hole! They flashed forward and became different people - she is now Olivia and he is now Simon (or Theo Procopides...)

If you don't believe my theory, fastforward the episode to about 6 minutes (and 20 seconds if you really do try it!) - look at the billboard! See the "Oceanic Airlines" advertisement?

Now who's Lost?



I do admit, its all a coincidence, just wishful thinking, but since Lost is my favorite show and I still have months (months! I say) before which I will watch its demise [last season], I need to start talking about it now to make the grieving a little easier!
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