Friday, September 25, 2009

Riding in cars with boys THE boy

Every other week I make a 70 mile trip to a slightly larger than where I live town where Mantha and I meet her father for his weekend visit. Most of those trips Jadon is forced to ride along as we often leave before Jim gets home. Many of the times that he is with we pass Jim on the highway, which often is a highlight of the trip.

Today Jadon called his dad when we were on our way home. It was the 14th 3rd call he had made since we left the house.

When he disconnected the call, Jadon asked if he could take a picture. One led to three, three led to a lot of blurry images. I let him pick three of those pictures for me to place here for your enjoyment...

Sunset on the prairie (with telephone wires - see we are still civilized out here!)

Dinner on the car seat - with dessert on top (Jim eats one whole pizza BTW... A large all meat. Jadon and I split a pizza - his half cheese, mine chicken, spinach and sun dried tomatoes - we of course only eat two pieces so we have lunch tomorrow - too bad for daddy!)

Einstein along for the ride!

He may not be a world class photographer (he was using my Blackberry so maybe that has something to do with it), but he had his subjects in mind, and they were mighty fine at that!

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