Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy 6th Birthday Buddy!!!!

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

We always joked about this picture - a lover (kissy lips) and a fighter (clenched fists).

Daddy's nickname is Gator, so everyone we know gave you "gators" before you were born. They even adorned you with the nickname "gatortot". This was your birth announcement picture. Its still one of my favorites!

You and grandpa Bruce belly'd up to the bar!

Simply coined "Super Big Smile".

Just like daddy - shove it all in at once, no care for the small bites. And look what it gets you - black "race track" frosting all over everything! But you had fun!

Great grandpa gave you your first hair cut - just as he had with all of his grandsons and great grandsons. He is in a nursing home now, and his clippers are officially retired, so we were honored to have him cut your curly locks! I absolutely love this picture!

If it was shiny and pink you wore it. It was always your sisters, and it made her mad, but who could blame you, you were adorable in all of it! Of course when you went through that "I want to be a girl when I grow up" we started to limit your pink.
Trains, trains, trains. You live them, sleep them - even wear them. It was nearly impossible to get you out of this number.

Oh the temper. You climbed up, you get down. That was what mommy told you. And you got mad. Very mad. Crying. Screaming. Mad. And mommy just snapped pictures.

Always willing to give someone a lift. Lainie hopped on board and you rode around grandpa Bruces cul-de-sac. Two Mothers Day's in a row, Daddy hopped a ride on your bike while we all walked for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.

This was the worst 9 days of my life as a mother. We didn't know why you got so sick, and we couldn't find anything to make you better. Platelet transfusions, IVIG, a Bone Marrow Biopsy and 4 days of steroids and finally, the cure seemed to come. You were so brave!

Two weeks later and looking so much better - the steroids made your cheeks a little fuller than we are used to, but you looked so healthy!!

Your kind little heart saw Mckmama's blog and pictures of her unborn baby boy's name written in different media - so you went down to your Thomas cabinet and brought mommy enough trains to make Stellan's name.

You have waited 3 years for this day - it felt like it would never get here. Just the day before you wouldn't talk to Mrs. R, on this morning it was like you had known her all of your life. My baby is growing up - somedays so fast!

Happy Birthday buddy! I love you this much!

(translation: nothing can get between us!)

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