Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A rock

Jadon: "Hey mom, did ya know...that the kids in my class voted for a rock?"

Me: "what did the rock do? and why did you vote for it?"

Jadon: "no mom, we voted for A ROCK, you know, that guy on t.v.?"

Me: "you mean Barack Obama?"

Jadon: "yeah, a rock"

Me: "B-arack"

Jadon: "I said that... A-rock!"

Me: deep sigh, moving on...

Me: "honey, why did you vote for him?"

Jadon: "cuz I he has a funny name"

Me: "what about John McCain?"

Jadon: "well mom, cuz that guy is too bald to be President"

Ok, well then. If it were that easy we would already know now wouldn't we? Funny thing is, the middle school also chose "a-rock" as their vote.

I don't know what they are taught ahead of time to make a decision, but I guess maybe that old addage "its in the name" is all it takes for our younger generation!
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