Monday, October 6, 2008

Not Me Monday Part III

I am slipping! I am usually on top of this by Sunday, but this weeks "Not Me's" start with a confession:

I did not post on any ones blogs this weekend, in fact, I don't know if I read any one's blogs this weekend.

I did not get dressed until noon on Saturday and 4 on Sunday. I did not shower before getting dressed on Saturday. I did shower on Sunday. (like you wanted to know)

I did not eat a crap load of chips on Friday and Saturday.

I did not hog the apple crisp I baked on Saturday. Nope, I shared. I did not tell Mantha that I wanted to hide the last piece from Jim, and I did not practically beg her to have another treat rather than ask for my last piece.

I did not have said last piece this morning for breakfast. (Ok, I really did not, but I am going to!)

I did however consider having Cheetos for breakfast to keep up with my Monday morning tradition. I did not go to the grocery to buy them because I planned on the apple crisp instead.

I did not wonder at least 3,079 times this weekend why my butt keeps getting bigger - I know why - read above.

I did not decide to blame it on sympathy fat for my pregnant pal Mckmama. I did not because I don't want her to feel bad that I am eating sympathetically for her.

I did not decide not to get ready for work before taking the kids to school so I could come home and see if Mckmama posted her "Not Me's", only to find that she had posted a.lot this weekend. I did not read her weekend blogs however because I wanted to get these done - as I am slipping. I used to be #16-18 on her list, I think today I will be #143. I did not preplan an hour break during my busy work a day schedule to read her blogs from this weekend.

I did not not sleep well last week, and make lots of excuses for why I didn't participate in too many other commitments.

I did not coerce try to convince Mantha she should be a mass server at church. I did not fail miserably at that coercing convincing, I just gave up agreed to let her think about it a little longer before I pressure talk her into it.

I did just look at the clock and notice it is 20 minutes before I am due to report at work, so I had better nip these in the bud and get ready!

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