Thursday, October 9, 2008

Big award for a small town!

I have been debating since July when I found out we won sharing all about the really cool thing that happened in my really small town. Trying to decide how I share it without sharing too much. Thinking about how I could give enough details to make you say "WOW", but not so many that you would say - I know where you live - neener neener neener.

The really big super fantastic award ceremony was last night in Minneapolis, and today if you are anywhere in the tri-state area, you probably see the glow of pride from all the way over here (just dont look too closely - I have huge bags under my eyes).

So I decided this... For the next 3 days I am going to "tell all" (that gives all three of my readers their own day to read it) and then I am going to remove all "tell tale" signs of where I live.

I wouldn't be so concerned if it weren't for the fact that I hold a very public position in my community, and I use real names on my blog.

But I am THAT excited about this award (and the fact that I played a major role in winning it for the community).

I will post all about it later today, so all three of you (maybe four on a good day, five on an infrequent day), stop back later and see what I am sharing too much of (besides pride and joy!).

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