Sunday, October 12, 2008

Not Me Monday Part IV

Its that time of week - Not Me Monday - on Sunday of course...

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This was a doozy of a week, so buckle yourself in, and enjoy the ride of brutally honest:

I did not stay in bed longer than I was supposed to 3 out of the 4 days I worked this week. And I did not come back home to get ready for work on 2 of those 3 days only to sit on my laptop and peruse blogs.
I did not eat apple crisp on Monday for breakfast because I tricked my family into believing it was all gone on Sunday. I would never do that!!

I did not almost forget about an important meeting on Monday and then go unprepared because instead I was trying to figure out how to squeak out a longer lunch so I could take a cat nap.

I did not start coming home for lunch so I could watch soap opera's for an hour each day.

I did not try to photo shop pictures of myself from the award ceremony because no one told me how HORRIFIC the pants I was wearing on Wednesday made me look like I weighed 50# more than I actually do (which is a scary number as it is - a number I will not tell you by the way, and a number I did not lie about when I renewed my license a few months ago).

I did not run around town on Friday without showering, and then go to a movie Friday night only washing my hair.

I did not spend all day saturday in my pj's. And I did not take a 2 hour nap mid afternoon.

I absolutely did not clean one iota again this weekend. I really need someone who loves to clean, is pregnant and in a nesting mood, or a tornado (ok, well maybe not that drastic) to come in here and overhaul my house.

I did not cry yesterday when the customer service rep from Target Credit Services offered me a 6 month hardship and reduce our interest rate by almost 20% and reduce our minimum payments by over $80 a month for the next 6 months because of our overwhelming medical bill situation.

I did not deviate from our budget plan so far this month (seriously I did not, I have been really good at sticking to it).

I did not post a post this week that included WAY TOO much information about me and where I live. And while I said I would delete that personal information sometime today I did not, instead I will take some time tomorrow while I am at work (I did not say that - shhhhhhhhhh) to do it.

I did not almost admit to one of my new bloggy friends a really important secret about an issue that I have had during my entire relationship and marriage. Its not what you may think - there is nothing morally wrong, but to me it is a big deal - and it is not his fault.

I did not think about selling our camper this fall, paying off our credit card bills (and maybe even some of our medical bills), and then purchase a new camper in the spring - which would mean taking out a loan to pay for it (which still may not be a bad idea... the interest rate and payments would be much less, we wouldn't have to store it this winter, and we could finally get the new camper we have been wanting to get for the past 4 years).

I did not wish this weekend that somehow a tummy tuck could be covered by my insurance. I did not wonder if there was anyway we could make it "medically necessary" so I could get one now. Its been 4 years since I had cancer, 4 years since my radical hysterectomy and ooferectomy, and 4 years since my scar has been irritated by that lovely post pregnancy, overweight baby skin.

I did not just write too much information that has probably got you all having horrible visuals.

Your turn! TMI and all! It does a body good!!!!!!!
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