Monday, October 20, 2008

Not Me Monday Part V

I know you have been obsessively checking back to see if I have posted these yet! Ok, maybe not so much, but none the less, here they are!

If you are so inclined to try these for the first time, I DARE YOU!!!! I love to make dare's, because had I found that word on your blog, you would find me taking you up on it. If you take me up on the dare, do me a favor and first read Mckmama's blog (she is the queen you know!) for the rules of Not Me Monday - but only after reading her Not Me's first!

I feel like a commercial with a deep fast speaking attorney belting out all of the legalities and small print.

I did not give Jadon a bath this morning during my regularly scheduled shower time so I could come on line and read MckMama's Not Me's.

I did not start a Monday routine I am having a hard time breaking... that means I did not ask Mantha to once again walk Jadon to the door of school because I was still in pj bottoms.

Last week was full of no I di'int's!

I did not skip Chick Flick at the Club again on Monday because I don't like the board member who was showing it. I also did not feel one bit guilty when my friend (who also does not like her) told me she ended up staying because she felt bad.

I did not give in to the producer of the play who wanted us to change the scope of the Club usage for HER benefit because I am still very upset that she lied to us.

I also did not give in to the board member (that same one from above) who thought her entire family should get in for free at the live performance on Saturday because her husband put the sign up outside (which btw, we all hate!). I did not give in because I have worked my butt off (I wish) painting, constructing and creating for the club for almost 2 years now, and she has sat back and criticized without the manual labor.

I do not hold grudges, I just do not like people using excuses and lies for personal gain.

I did not drive my kids 2 hours (each way) to my aunt and uncles on Wednesday so I could have one morning of no responsibility, only to drive that same 2 hours the next day to spend the weekend - a nice loooonnnnggg weekend - at the lake with them.

I did not RUN, not walk, to Target on Saturday when I heard Jim had a nice big paycheck, and expediently spend a large chunk of it on things we needed but have been putting off because of finances. I did not do it because instead I should have saved it. Ok, maybe I did.

Have I ever told you that lying is my biggest pet peeve? So, yes, I DID go shopping and spent way too much money!

And I did tell one little white lie... But it was a lie none the less...

I lost a gift certificate that my aunt gave me for Christmas. I have been staving off the trip to the scrap book store when we went to visit the other three times this year, but this weekend I couldn't hold it off any longer. So I decided I would not tell her I lost it. Rather, I would tell her I didn't want the kids to come in with me so I could take my time, and asked if she would sit with them (instead they went into the bookstore next door) so I could really shop. I then told the store owner of my problem, and said I would like to purchase a GC and use it myself the same day in case my aunt would walk in. Luckily, the store owner said that she believed me, and while she didnt start tracking GC's until December, she believed that I really did have a GC because I have gotten one every year for the past 10 years. So when my aunt walked in, the lovely store owner pulled out a used GC and pretended that I had handed it to her so as not to raise suspicion.

Needless to say, I will be making a thank you card and sending it to the store owner for saving me a little face.

And my aunt will never have to know. Which in and of itself is technically a lie. But it is not harmful. Because no one lost out on anything.

Well I s'pose I need to get ready for work. I may be back later, so stop on back and see what else I didnt do last week! :)

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