Tuesday, October 14, 2008

TV & Politics

As many of you know, I love me some tv. I have my favorite shows. Some I have a hard time missing. Some I dont admit often to watching (Rachel Zoe Project) and some I lust after in public (LOST).

If you are into documentary/real life (not reality) tv, and have access to Discovery Channel, I would love to ask you to check out "Toughest Race On Earth - Iditarod". It is focusing on the 2008 Iditarod race.

My cousin Blake and his wife Jen are dog mushers from Northern Minnesota. I dont know if they will be spotlighted (they are mostly focusing on Alaskan natives), but there is a decent chance at some time in the series they will be, as a tragedy struck them while on the trail this March.

While racing, they stopped to break and snack their teams when a snowmobiler came up on them. While trying to manuever around the team he over corrected and ended up driving over Jen's team killing one of her dogs and injuring another.

They are amazing people who have chosen to forgive the driver of the snowmobile, and after heavy hearts, deep consideration and honor for their loss, they continued the race coming in 50th and 51st, both winning very special awards.

Jen was chosen as Most Inspirational Musher, and Blake set a New Record Time for a purebred Siberian team!

You can read more about them and their team at Manitou Crossing Kennels.

I do not know what races they are running this year, but since pride is something I like to share, I would love to share a little familial pride with you!!!
Then there was politics. I am so sick of the ads, and the slams and the questionable behavior, and the lies and the deceit.

And then this headline pops up on MSN News...

I am still so undecided, and just when I think I know where I am going, there is something else that changes my mind.

Someone I highly respect (who is also a banker, and financial wiz) has always shared my same political values - no ifs ands or butts; someone who cries (ok, well not literally, but I would guess if I asked his wife, she would say that he dances like a girl) at the RNC - yes, I said R - N - C, has shared some very deep thoughts about the crisis we are in and what it means to the election - more specifically, what it does to HIS vote. And while shocked that the word Dem came out of his mouth, what he told me made me think, you know, maybe there is something to be said that while you may have certain beliefs, there has not been and probably never will be a party/nominee/president/leader that agree's 100% in what you believe. Sometimes you have to view a different perspective - see what is really at the heart of the matter. Is it your beliefs, or is it what is best in the overall picture? Is it a unified front in Congress and the Oval Office? Or is it a little good competition?

If it weren't for the most recent economic crisis, I may have chosen to go the route of RINO (Republican In Name Only [even though some people think that is the cop-out way of giving the other party the vote - which I dont agree with, but I dont want to spend all night on this post]). But this person who I highly respect made a statement that now has me considering changing sides - if only for one race, to ensure that where I live is still here in 4 years.

I cant wait until November 15th. It will be over. Hopefully whatever shock there is will start to wear off, and we can start looking forward to holidays that bring family, hope and promise.
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