Friday, August 15, 2008

To book club or not to book club

I love reading. I will stay up all hours, miss meals and devote days on end to a good book (in between momming and wifing of course). For instance, right now I am reading:

Only after I got more than half way through Judas did I discover it was #4 in the SIGMA Force series, so I am very excited to read:

I am a series reader and lover. Much like movies, or great running t.v. shows, I don't like a good thing to end. I have been hooked on the Iris Johnanson detective series with Eve Duncan as the main character since 2001:

Hands down the best series I have ever read is the Left Behind Series - the first 12 books:

Just recently LaHaye and Jenkins released the prequels as well as the supposed final book, Kingdom Come:

If you have not read this series, let me tell you, while they are about the Tribulations and God's battle with Satan, they are not so heavily weighted with religion that you feel you are reading Bible verse, but rather they are suspenseful - edge of your seat can't put them down, read most of them in less than a weekend kind of books.

So back to the point of this post. I have been invited to join two different book clubs here in my "little" town (I say little because many of you say you live in "small" towns, but your towns are 15,000 populations plus, and mine isn't even 5,000!) but I haven't committed to either.

My fear of commitment relates to how picky I am about my books. I don't like smut and love stories or self help books. I like technically challenging, thought provoking, action, drama, mysterious, read this clue to solve the puzzle who did it books. I like intrigue. I like historical reference (like Judas Strain is based on Marco Polo's adventures for Kublai Kahn - real or not, it sure is interesting).

But I also like to research whether or not I will like the book - because I don't rent books from the library, I don't buy them used, I pay full price and own all of the books that I read, and owning something I don't like is just not something I want to do (and trust me, I have purchased some real dogs!). Part of why I buy is so I can share my books with fellow readers.

So if I join one of these book clubs, I will be forced to read several books that I may or may not like - most likely books I wouldn't choose on my own.

But is that necessarily bad? Maybe it would give me the opportunity to read something I would really like that I would miss out on otherwise. But because my book list is at least a dozen long already, do I want to give them up for now? I cannot bring myself to read two books at once.

So again I beg the question... Do I jump in, or do I decline and continue to read what I like?

And what do you enjoy reading?

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