Tuesday, August 12, 2008

19 days, and Food and Emergency's

In 19 days Mantha will be coming home. We haven't talked to her this week at all. Jim, Jadon and I spent the weekend at a cabin with Jim's family, and Mantha is currently in Wisconsin Dels.

Next week she will be back in MN, and hopefully we will be able to catch up like crazy.

In 19 days she will be back here where she belongs.

And then starts a new era in our lives: Two kids in school. Jadon went to pre-school last year, but this year starts full day Kindergarten. Mantha will start 5th grade.

Its all so surreal.

"Food and Emergencies"

Jadon just walked down the stairs with two $2 bills and said the following:

"Mom, if you and dad lose your wallets, or run out of checks, you can use this money for 'food and emergencies'". "This one is for food (holding up a $2 in one hand) and this one is for emergencies (holding the other $2 in the other hand)".

Truth be told, Jim and I have not discussed any of the medical bills in front of him - in fact he wasnt even here when we opened them.

I had to giggle, and hug on him before thanking him, and telling him he had nothing to worry about and should put his money back in his room. But it sure is nice to know he has our backs!
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