Thursday, August 7, 2008

Confessions of a TV junky

I like tv. I like it. I like it a'lot.

Gimme reality. Gimme crime drama. Gimme a little Flippin Out, a lot of Big Brother, and Survivor and I am happy. Throw in Lost and 24 and you have me forever.

There are a lot of other "fill in's" that don't demand my full attention, but are on for the "noise".

Today as I was sitting here making a piece of jewelry while "listening" to the TV I wondered "why is it that the TV has to be on for me to chat on my laptop, or work on a project?". I mean, its not like I have to have the TV on to work at work... So why does it have to be on when I work at home? I would sit in the same seat, and do the same stuff, but why not listen to music instead?

It boils down to this... while I would love to be able to live TV free... toss them all out like my bloggy friend MckMama did - and I mean really, I wish I could seriously cut the cord, toss 'em out, call it quits, divorce myself from my addiction...


I am a junky!

How about you?
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