Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This week in pictures

Its almost vacation time! I get so excited for this time of year, and usually come back and plaster thousands of pictures of our adventures. So to prepare you for the onslaught, here are a few of our pre-vacation antics...

I had an awesome video on my BlackBerry of my son and our cat Toby - the cat with anger management problems, but apparently I need to learn how to use my phone, as I saved it as a photo and not a video. I will share the blur and you can imagine the rest from there...

Toby has for some reason had a love hate relationship with Jadon for as long as he has ruled our roost with his evil black twin Ruvy. Toby will sit on the edge of the sofa and howl at Jadon as he walks by while swiping at him. It gets to be a fun game for the whole family. Had the video saved you would have seen Toby go all puss-tal on Jadon and shriek every time Jadon walked by.

First, as Jadon and I were cruising home from dinner on Sunday, he was jamming in the back seat and says to me "Mom, my finger is dancing now too. It has ears and can hear the music".

What per say were the "ears"? They were his finger nail which split down the middle and peeled on both directions. You can't tell it here, but it was his middle finger, and the "ears" were sticking out. It was cute, and funny, and disturbing all at the same time.

Last but not least, the remnants of the storm that hit fast, hard and eventually kicked out a funnel in a town not so far away on Tuesday afternoon.

Mantha and I were at the Golf Course meeting with the rest of my tournament committee when it went from sunny to black, green, freaky. This was as the storm was leaving - the back end of a wall cloud.

We need to get through our towns celebration before we leave, so I am wishing those days away... I know it will come soon enough, I just hope the weather is nicer next week!
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