Friday, June 26, 2009


We are off tomorrow afternoon as soon as our town celebration and parade end for the day. Have happy and safe 4th's and we will see you in a week and a half!

BIG stuff happening in July!

My county's Relay For Life is set to break 1 MILLION DOLLARS this year. In case you are not aware, I live in a very small town - in a very small county of less than 14,000 people. So this milestone is huge for us. I am the Chair this year again, so I am rather stoked to have it on my watch! I am even more excited to have my Pally coming down to spend time with me and help me cheer on the 1 MILLION!!! I hope she is ready for a long all nighter! It will be so much fun!

MckBrunch is the Sunday before Relay and I am so excited! If you don't read me often, you may not know about my friend Jennifer from mycharmingkids and her miracle baby Stellan. Well in a few weeks a BUNCH and I mean BUNCH of us are converging on a restaurant in our State and having a what I can imagine to be amazing morning and afternoon sans kids and husbands - you will hear the buzz of chatter from wherever you are!

Our counties Fair is also in July, so every weekend is packed full!

We will "see" you soon, in the meantime, be safe, enjoy the holiday and PARTAY like rockstars!!!
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