Friday, June 5, 2009

Once there was a friend...

Now a foe?

This little guy made his home in my hanging basket last summer - around this time. Sadly, not much after this picture, his siblings joined him and they KILLED my flowers (there were 3 more just like this one).

So I took the baskets away.

And bye bye birdie.


I think he is back. And he is mad. A mad pooper that is. Seriously, our deck, grill and house look like WWIII has hit with little white "bombs" every where!

So how fitting that last night I happened to open this picture and the kids ask "mom, is that the bird that is pooping every where?"

I do love the picture even if the little stinker has gone all swine flu on me!

Pally? This is just a snippet of what you will enjoy when you visit "St. Jim" next month!
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