Monday, June 1, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Its been a while... I think of them every week, they just never make it here... Slacker!

In case you do not remember the blog carnival of Not Me! Monday, check out my good friend MckMama's blog - she will tell you all about it - because of course, its her circus baby!

So many weeks, so many things I didn't do... But because you don't really want to hear all about them, I will keep it local (to this week that is).

I did not revert back to my old ways and eat Cheeto's for breakfast two days last week. I did not do that because it is wrong. Just wrong!

I did not stay up all night last Monday night after Jim said those to magic words "go ahead"... Now don't start thinking nasty things people - that was the night that I ordered my new beauty that is coming very SOON!!!!

I did not actually write in that post that I would have a tiara and lipstick ready for her when she arrives this week.

I did not call her a her.

She is a laptop, not a her.

I did not beg, plead, bribe and eventually toss my hands up in the air and let go of my over controlling mommy'ness when Jadon walked into my room this morning wearing this:

Insisting that it "matches". I did not laugh a little and really wish there was something more I could say that justified my desire to change socks. But really, are they hurting anyone? Its just daycare right?

Yes, they are green and blue striped alligators. Thankyouverymuch.

I did not just eat the left over Milk Duds from the movie we went to yesterday.

We did not spend over $75 for 4 people to see Up. It was such a good movie by the way, but HELLO, $75??? Were those seats and popcorn made of gold? Unless your children can chug 83 gallons of Sprite in just under 2 hours, do not, I repeat, do not purchase the "family pack". I do not believe any of us ate all of our popcorn or drank all of our beverages.

But I digress... we all have to make that mistake once right?

At least we did not forget the popcorn salt. Of course I did spill it in my purse as I always do...
I did not leave this post unposted since 8:15 this morning...
Ok, I did.
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