Wednesday, June 10, 2009

wisconsin wildlife vs the baums

I tell ya, if it weren't so dang funny I would probably think there was someone behind the antics of the first 15 rural miles of our trip to Wisconsin.

First, out of thin air, a doe trots across the interstate - not in front of anyone else - but in front of the baum-mobile.

Not 5 miles later we all turn to look at the buffalo on the prairie to our right (picture Lori holding a box of crackers - not the type that opens at the top with a nice safety bag, but rather a box of Archer Farms crackers that has a large open tray... got that picture in your mind? good...)


A pheasant hits our windshield DEAD CENTER, and yes, I mean dead. Like dead. As in now on someone elses tires.

Remember that box of crackers?

ALL OVER the car.

Cuz Lori gets a little jumpy and she literally tossed her cookies crackers. Everywhere. As in EVERYWHERE.

The defrost when turned on shot up cracker crumbs.

When I do something I make sure I do it right the first time...


Mr. Squeaky of the Squeak family - you know the one, that cute little field mouse family that lives right over there? Yeah, well we are not the only ones attending a funeral tomorrow morning. Because Mr Notsqueakyanymore is now part of the pavement on that same interstate.

I wish I could have recorded Jim's exact words, facial expression and tone when he made the statement "I dont like Wisconsin any more". It made me laugh so hard I almost pee'd my pants. Which honestly would have gone unnoticed in the tornado that became the interior of my car!

My pally Kim D of the Kim Writes Kim D's thinks we have something against nature and the hunters of this western land. She also thought however that when I said the "wildlife around these parts was trying to kill us" meant the U of W students... I heard they were wild, but didn't think they were viloent. I guess we will double lock our doors tonight.
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