Monday, June 8, 2009

Spread your wings sweet girl and fly

I have started and stopped writing this post all day today. It is a hard post to write because it is so unjust.

Eternity is someplace far away. It is not supposed to be in the today, not in the now. Lately however, eternity, that peaceful place for most, seems to come sooner than it should.

Dear sweet Lauren Marcella passed away just after 4 this morning. She was not yet 3 years old.

On Thursday night Lauren spiked a fever of 107.5 (and as her parents said on her Caring Bridge site, this was not a typo - 107.5!) during a grand mal seizure that lasted over an hour and 45 minutes. It took many meds to find the right one to calm her tiny body. On Sunday she was starting to wake up and things were looking positive. Sunday afternoon it changed. Horribly. They airlifted Lauren from Wisconsin hospital to Children's in St. Paul (the same one my son was at two years ago) and a short twelve hours later she was gone.

Lauren was a miracle. She started her life struggling. She was born with a severe cord wrap that caused Cerebral Palsy and a Cortical Visual Impairment. But man was she a fighter! She was so beautiful - always smiling and giggling.

Laurens birth literally saved her mothers life. Knowing that a cord wrap was possible, Lauren's baby sister was born via C-Section. During that C-Section, ovarian cancer was discovered in her mother - at a stage that was curable - a cancer that could have gone unnoticed. A miracle.

Eternity should not be so close for a child who has barely touched this Earth, but she is fully healed and bouncing on the clouds with strong legs, bright eyes that can see the beauty and a body that no longer fights her.

Be at peace sweet girl.
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