Thursday, June 18, 2009

He had a heart

That was bad. So 6 years ago, he got a new one. From a Donor. An anonymous person whose life had ended. A family who was willing to carry out the wishes of a loved one. A decision I cannot imagine was made lightly. A decision I cannot imagine would ever carry regret. For in one loss came anothers salvation.

I do not know this man, the recipient of one of the greatest gifts one can give. I have never met his daughter Hallie, but I know her. In the sense that all of us in this blogging world know each other.

This is Hallie's dad...

Today, I am sharing Hallie's fathers story through her letter because Hallie is raising awareness and is hosting a fundraiser for her father - and its Fathers Day this week, and my dad took a 6 week vacation to Alaska over brunch with his spectacular and stunning daughter (that would be me in case you got lost in translation), so I will spend time helping Hallie's dad!

This is Hallie...

She loves Prada. She would love Prada to be donated, but because she loves Prada so much, she knows full well that the Prada that was donated would get lost in the mail and would never make it onto the list of items for which to be raffled, therefore, I will NOT be donating Prada!

I will however send these two pieces of jewelry I made. That she chose. That may get "lost in the mail" but at least won't cause me the need to explain to my husband why I donated something that cost him three arms and two legs that met its unfortunate demise in the USPS solar system (aka Hallie's Prada shrine).

So please visit Hallie's Blog because she is hil-hairy-ass! Then visit Hallie's Dad's Fundraiser, and see what you can do to help her Dad enjoy even more Father's Day's and get yourself signed up to win something amazing (just don't expect Prada, I already told you, it got lost in the mail!)

Thanks in advance from Hallie and her Dad for taking the time to check our her fundraiser, and for that Prada bag that I just know you want to send to her!!!
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