Wednesday, May 27, 2009

You've come a long way baby!

I remember it well. The first ever IBM Portable Computer - the IBM 5155 circa 1984. I remember it because my mom worked for a company that sent one home with her when I started college in 1989. It was cumbersome. VERY cumbersome. Of course it was also DOS back then, and the matching printer? Remember the spool fed paper? Yep, one of those!

After I graduated from college I worked only on computers at work. I didn't even own a computer in my home until 2000. Desk tops. Clunky heavy ugly desk tops. Back then I was addicted to IBM. I don't know why.

Now, we have 3 desk tops (one Dell, one IBM, and one Gateway [my moms company donated it to Mantha when mom died. It was her computer at work. Of course that was 8 years ago, and moves slower than a turtle in a blizzard, but I cant seem to part with it]) at home, two laptops (one is Mantha's - IBM, one is mine - Dell), and next week, we will be welcoming my Mothers Day, Birthday, Christmas for the next 5,000 years pretty little pink beauty...

I am a brand shopper. At some point I changed my mind and decided I liked Dell better. There are arguments on all sides - Mac, Dell, IBM, Toshiba, etc, but Dell has yet to do me wrong - and they have lovingly financed all 3 of my purhcases - past and present - with a 12 month no interest, 6% interest after that account. So by Christmas my present should be paid off.

I went a little crazy... (hush now Pally, you are the one on the good drugs...) 5X the memory in my current lap top, better productivity software, WRITEABLE DVD/Blue Ray - look out Napster, you ain't got nothin' on me (BWAHAHA!), and PC Link so I can transfer over my Microsoft and Photo Shop without re-purchasing them. I ordered the 17" screen in case you are wondering... because I am old and going blind and all. And I made sure that there was a 10 key because the numbers at the top of the keyboard are dead to me - I am too clumsy to use them - much like punctuation - I always have to go back and edit my work!

I can't wait until she arrives. I have a cozy little corner ready for her arrival, complete with a Tiara and pink lipstick.

And since its all about me ya know, I do have to admit that I said I 24 times in this post.
Sue me! Bwahahahaha!
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