Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What trouble looks like when it brews...

So remember a few weeks ago when I showed you what a storm looks like on the prairie? Well that was nothin!

Tonight while loading cars full of Relay T's because no one showed up to the meeting - could it be that they got the wrong date on the email that my friend sent? Um, possible...

Or maybe they knew THIS was coming (and we didn't)...

I took these pictures as I was driving home - with sirens, and lightening and bears (ok, not bears) oh my!

This was what I saw as I was pulling away from the building I was ignorantly hiding out in. This wasn't night approaching ladies and well, whoever actually comes here to read... This was clouds.

Like waves in the sky they were. it was a might bit freakish.

This is what had the nerve to head towards my little family at my little house on the prairie...

This was what I saw from the end of my driveway.

So that my friends is what a storm looks like on the prairie.

In case you wonder if I am still here or not, well, this "storm" was more bite than bark. We are still comfortably located in SW Minnesota and not in Kansas.

Or Maine... where it has rained non-stop for 3,972 days straight. ME and Hallie, I will take a few of these over THAT!

Pally, I promise that you will be residing in the safest room in the house when you come! I also promise not to invite any of these little disturbances while you are here!
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