Tuesday, January 29, 2008

You know its cold, part two...

Its snowing in China, and blowing in the Midwest. All weekend it was in the upper 30's and 40's here in balmy MN. And then the shoe dropped.

So you know its cold...

  • When it was 40 and raining at 5:00 last evening, this morning -40 and blowing. (and it is only 7 am)

  • And.we.have.already.reached.our.high. (and it is only 7 am)

  • Soon to be dipping below.

  • The wind is blowing at a steady 50.

  • There are MULTIPLE National Weather Service Alerts for your area, and they all contain the words: Wind Chill Warning:

Yep, its cold.

Update: This was at 1:52 this afternoon... The local reporting station:

Do you hear me now? Its cold. Brrr!
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