Friday, January 11, 2008

"You could poke someones eye out with that thing"

I have to pre-empt this post with, this is a safe product when used properly!!!

But when you have random 'Baums in a room, there is little thought placed on reading instructions, wearing provided protective gear, or aiming at butts and not heads...

See the blaster? See the glasses? Must.use.glasses.when.using.blaster!
I will middle-empt this post with, I played too, so I was not completely an innocent victim.

I am not sure it really says it that plainly, but I think the jist is... DONT AIM AT HEADS! See those little black things on the end? They are the velcro. Not the soft velcro that attracts the hard side, but the hard side itself. The side that binds to the vest seen in the first picture.

And that is where our story gets predictible...

Just as the words flew out of my mouth: "Mantha, watch where you are aiming, you could poke someones eye out with that thing", she looked where she was aiming, and she shot.





The words that fell out of my mouth immediately following would have made Eddie Murphy in "Raw" blush (read: goonie-goo-goo). All under my breath mind you because I was aware of the kids and my mother in law in the room.

And it h.u.r.t. bad. And it happened almost a month ago.

So why do I bring it up today?

Well after eating what you may have already read about below, all of the sudden, like I was reliving that bad dream all over again, my eye started hurting like a son of a motherless goat. And it isnt getting better. Its like my eye said, hey lady, you have ignored me long enough! Kinda like pulling a scab off a sore when the sore wasnt quite ready to be messed with.

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