Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Random thoughts and hmmmm....

Random thoughts...

You know it is cold when...
  • The snow from your shoes is still in its original state on the floor of your car from last night when you got out of it.
  • The snow is so loud that you cant concentrate (you Minnesotans will get this one)
  • You wear 18 layers and furry lined hats with ear flaps to let the dog out the front door
  • Your car is warmed up, but the heat doesnt kick in until you get to your destination 20 minutes later
  • Even the dog wont go out!

You know you are having a bad day when...

  • You spend half your day wondering "what should we do?"
  • And you spend the other half saying "what should we do"?
  • And the whole next day trying to justify what you did!

You know its not a sleeping disorder when...

  • You are too tired to stay awake at work
  • Because you didnt sleep last night
  • So you strategically plan your escape to an early slumber tonight
  • And then go online and blow the plan
  • Staying up late watching tv
  • And regret not going to sleep earlier - when the clock reads 1am

So now for the hmmmm....

Heidi has been sharing "Bad Poetry Mondays" for a few weeks. Today I was listening to the only radio station that comes in in my office, and thought to myself... Are all pop songs just a bad excuse for bad lymerics put to music? And better yet, how many times did they re-write that phrase to find a better rhyming word?

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