Friday, January 11, 2008

What did I just eat?

And why does my tongue feel like this?

Ever open the fridge and wonder, will this still be ok to eat? My husband does it all the time. I on the other hand rarely ever pull left overs out to eat, but rather to toss. I have a severe aversion to left overs. If it wasnt frozen right off the stove, oven or grill, I will not eat it (unless it is artichoke dip or stroganof that is!).

Jadon and I are home in our usual Friday fashion. Fridays start off with neither one of us wanting to budge from our slumber. I won the get out of bed race this morning because I wanted to tackle that room on the 2nd level that has been screaming for attention. So as soon as Mantha walked out to door, I flew out of bed, let the dog out, and hastely walked down the stairs with camera in hand (only because this job needed a before and after).

When Jadon got up he promptly announced he was hungry, so I hesitantly said "ok" (not! for anyone who tackles a preteens room every now and again, you know darn well that any distraction is welcome). He wanted cereal which is my favorite meal to cook, and I decided on raisin toast for myself.

We have the usual "meat and veggie" drawers in our fridge. Only the bottom one is more like a freezer. Its safe for bread, meat and cheese storage but dont you dare put potato's, onions or lettuce and tomato's in that drawer because they will come out like popsicles.

Because of the temperature issues, we usually store bread in the bottom because it stays fresher "down there". To my dismay, the drawer was empty this morning. BUT, there was a partial loaf in the upper drawer. Bad feeling #1... I was skeptical from the start - had that "I wonder if this will still be good" feeling. I felt like living on the edge, so I decided to go for it. Bad feeling #2... came when I took the bread out of the bag and it felt a little dry. But hell, I was toasting it anyway, so whats the diff right? It toasted nicely, and buttered well and tasted darn good if I do say so myself.

Bad feeling #3... the after taste that is now making me ask the question... "what did I just eat"? My tongue is scratchy and the roof of my mouth feels funky (and yes, for you skeptics, I DID brush my teeth this morning). So were the raisins raisins? I didn't notice any funky bright colors, but would mold "cook out"?

Tell me, what the heck?

I may have to slam a liquid can of fizzy mouth cleanser (aka soda). Ever seen what coke can do to a piece of metal? Hopefully it will remove the patina I may have eaten for breakfast!

Stay tuned for "you could poke someones eye out with that thing"!
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