Thursday, January 3, 2008

I love you because...

Somedays I feel like Mantha gets the shaft when it comes to my blog, because well... She is healthy, and 10, and the "funny things kids say" stage is over and now its griping and complaining and "yes mom", "no mom" stage. But I do have to say, after spending 7 days without her I really realized how much I missed her.

I am sure she would say she feels like my "cabana girl" most days because she does so much in our home. She is the pet tender most days, and she is awesome at helping with everything. She helps with laundry, and she helps pick up and does dishes, and of course she loves to decorate. When I say decorate I mean, move her stuff out into a room I just cleaned and "decorate" the just cleaned and organized spaces with "Littlest Petshop", and "Idog" and "Ifreezy" and all kinds of little knick knacks. Why? "Because I love you and I want you to look at pretty things".


So this morning like most other mornings Jadon crawls into my bed as Mantha and I are doing our usual morning routine of yelling to each other from 3 floors apart (because she doesnt want to come up all those stairs, and I dont want to get my lazy ars out of bed) "love you, have a good day". He looks at me with his mesmerizing baby blues and the starts the following convo:

J: Do you love me?
Me: Of course I do! Do you love me?
J: Of course mom!
Me: Why do you love me?
J: Because I do.
Me: What do you love about me?
J: Your head. (yes, had I been drinking, I too would have spit it out my nose!)
Me: What do you love about my head?
J: Your bones. (my what? Do you see a theme with him? I see a future MD!)
Me: What about my bones?
J: You have bones in your head. Your teeth are bones you know. And yours are nice.
Me: Ok (snorting) is that all you love about me?
J: No
Me: What else?
J: Your smile.

I friggin lost it!

So enjoy your day, and smile lots, because your smile is why I love YOU! (pointing at my monitor at YOU!)
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