Sunday, February 8, 2009

An understanding of not understanding

Also known as me getting really judgemental and hypercritical...

I know, the first thing that comes to the forefront of your mind is "lady, pot shouldn't call the kettle black" to which I retort "I wouldn't be caught dead...", so there for I am more of a bowl than a pot. Call me the lid.

Before I go on, I will be the first to admit that I need to remove half a person off of my rear. But in my defense, I am not shakin' it, exposing it, or making you look at it in inappropriate ways.

So on to the show.

Bridezilla's that is. Jim loves the show because these women are seriously deranged - but this one HAS to take the wedding cake. Like a train wreck (apparently I have an affinity for train wrecks lately), I sit here, in my newly re-ruptureddiscfeetup state, watching the horrors of the half ton triplets on this afternoons episode.

There are several things that a lady of larger statute should really not wear, all of which have been displayed in this 1/2 hour episode...

Spaghetti straps
Tank Tops
Low Riders
Cleavage Shirts
Cap Sleeve's
Strapless tops
Tops wth a "bolo" style overshirt.
Empire waisted wedding dresses embellished with a ribbon and tufted organza

and last but not least - A Towel - whilst getting a spray tan on national television... Just sayin...

I realize this all sounds really judgemental, but unless you watched the show, you have no idea how mind numbingly blinding this all was... NONE of the girls were less than 400 pounds.

If Fad's "gunt" post last weekend didn't get me all in a fasting mode, this show most possibly did.

Hell calleth my name loud and clear, but I digress...

That being said, I must go cook dinner!
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