Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A loss, a good bye, and a big surprise!

So long sweet man!

As I held your hand, and whispered sweet memories in your ear, I thought of grandma. She was waiting for you. In her blue dress, with dinner on the table. Her smile anticipating your return, her hands clutched in excitement. When I told you to quit worrying about us, we have each other, and we love you, you took a deep breath and you ran to her arms.

Everyone thanked me for sitting with you, making sure you didn't pass alone. What they didn't understand was that I wanted it to be me. You were my partner in crime. My boyfriend at the dance. My truffle eating, wine drinking, constantly cavorting counterpart. I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Did you notice the beautiful weather we had yesterday? It was sunny, and warm just for you.


A few weeks ago I posted that I was worried that my favorite sister in law was potentially leaving the family...

My fear was reaffirmed at grandpa's funeral. She starts a new job in Apri - in Denver. I'm sad that they could not work things out. She was the only one that understood me when the rest of the family was not on my side. I may be opinionated, but thank God I had her to commiserate with!

They both need to move on, and he isn't willing to make the changes she wanted to make, so I understand. I am glad they are parting as friends. I just wish she wasn't moving so far away!


Now for the fun stuff!!!

A big surprise...

On Valentines Day my good friend MckMama told us about some amazing things her husband gave her on that chocolaty sweet day. I made a comment that apparently tickled the fancy of the company from which her husband bought the delictable treats he bestowed upon her, and with the threat of a giveaway, decided to do one of their own - and they chose lil ol me!!!

I don't know which part of my comment made them choose me - the part where I sounded overworked, overstressed, or just plain old over exasperated. I have a feeling it had more to do with this statement: "I am hungry for all things chocolate now, and considered getting in the car and driving two hours north east to knock on your door and steal a truffle or two!" It was not for the fact that I would devour anything chocolate, but more for:

"We'd certainly hate to see justlori2day commit a crime and waste all of that gas "just" for chocolate, so we're going to send her the truffles in the edible chocolate box to call her very own. So, Lori, give us a holler, and we'll get those headed your way."

I can't wait to receive my care package from Munchie Gifts!!!
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