Monday, February 2, 2009

Not Me! Monday - the Late Edition

I have been so so bad at playing along with MckMama on her Monday Carnival of things I did not (or did in most cases) the past few weeks.
This morning while I lay in bed I considered doing my not me's, but did not get very far...

Last week was a humdinger that I am so glad is finally over. You know, one of those weeks that is full of things that you know will be fun, but at the same time a lot of work? It was one of those.

I did not spend all day on Monday trying to decipher what my priorities were. I do not have that much time to waste, so I would never spend an entire day doing it. Unless I wasn't motivated that is.

I did not forget about an ad and article deadline that was past due and very quickly put it together, only to come up with some of my best work in a pinch.

I did not call a super secret even my assistant did not know about it meeting on Monday night to alert my executive committee that we may be losing funding that is provided to us by an entity specifically geared towards promoting our town. I did not tell my assistant because I did not want her to insist on attending when I knew she would hold back discussions.

I did not tell her about the meeting the next day either. Not until the Board meeting. Then I was told that I could not tell her what they decided until today because they wanted me to have her help during the past weeks worth of events.

I was not relieved when she called in sick this morning. However it means that tomorrow I get to have the dreaded discussion with her. And both supporting Board Members have decided that unless I call them for support, I will deliver the message myself.

Needless to say, I did not sleep well last week.

If you are keeping score, that is week like 15 since I have had a good night sleep.

I did not spend an entire morning chit chatting with my ad sales rep about things so unrelated to work that by the time she left my office I realized that we still had not taken care of the business (yet again) that she came in to see me about.

It is not becoming a pattern. Maybe we need to plan a ladies night sometime soon so we can get work done during the day!

I did not get a little sad that my friends daughter named her son Zach when I knew my friend really wanted her to name him after this guy.

I did not take this picture on Saturday while standing next to my parked car on a frozen lake while running an ice fishing contest. I did not just admit that I, prissy queen, ran an ice fishing contest. On a frozen lake. In the cold. Outside. Do you see what I am saying here?

I did not laugh my ever loving ars off when I heard wheels spinning and realize that this vehicle was B.U.R.I.E.D. in nerly 3' of snow. On the frozen lake. In the cold. Outside. I did not do it (really I did not). Do you see what I am saying here now? Yes, my husband, trying to show off, buried our very large truck in the snow on the lake... (note, there was an ice road plowed. apparently ice roads are not meant for big red trucks that have super powers like my husbands. imjustsayin).

See these? These are cracks in the ice. Things like this when I was younger scared the daylights out of me. Especially when my dad would park me in the middle of Lake Mille Lacs in a fish house. I never wanted the heater running because I was always worried we would burn a hole through the ice and sink to the bottom. Now I hear ice shift and crack and think it sounds kind of cool. Of course, you won't find me spending too much free time out on a frozen lake anytime soon! Once a year is enough for me.

I am not looking forward to the conversation I have to have with my assistant tomorrow. I do not like letting people down. But it has to be done. So I digress.
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