Sunday, February 15, 2009

After a week - a few things I have realized...

1. I am the one that broke my blog.

Of all stupid things, I linked myself to my jewelry blog. Whodathunk? Really though, so you don't find yourself pulling your hair out needlessly... if you notice your blog goes all upside - sidebardown - on you after posting with a lot of links, try removing the links one at a time. It took since last friggin Monday in all of my free time to figure out something so simple was ruining my sleep.

2. I am the one that broke my neck. (no pity please, it was my own stupid fault!)

Ok, not really. I didn't break it in the sense that things are broken. But I broke it in the sense that it isn't working properly.

Remember when I told you I re-ruptured the disc in my back lifting a box on Saturday morning? Well I did not share with you the whole story. I did not share that Jim had just asked me not to lift the box that I had been impatientlywaiting for him to move just asked him to move for me. Me being me, I picked it up. And then dropped it, myself following, to the same spot it had just been resting in.

I took it easy the rest of the weekend. I kept my feet up. I did stretches. I took pain meds. I used heat/cold appropriately, and voila, by Monday morning my back was feeling pretty good.

However, I woke up with none other than a sore neck.

By Monday afternoon it was very swollen, and I couldn't turn my head. I called my Physical Therapist and he told me to go in and see my doctor, get some pain meds, heat/cold pack it and call him in a few days if it wasn't better. If you remember at all this past November, calling my doctor was not even near the top of my list of things to do.

Tuesday morning I found myself incapacitated and proceeded to spend the next two days (sans my Board Meeting) in bed. As the queen of chronic pain, I already had a bevy of pain meds, so I chose the ones that reduced inflammation, induced sleep, and took the edge off of pain. Heat and cold as recommended, and still no improvement.

Thursday morning I was bored out of my mind and miserably went into work. I called my Physical Therapist again and he told me he was sure I had done what I had already deduced - ruptured one of the already bulging disc's in my neck...

Let me stop right now and explain a few things...

First off, I am not as klutzy as it may seem that I am. I just have really bad luck. Or bad bones. Or bad discs as it they may be.

Since the age of 15, I have had cartilage and disc issues. It started when I was a skater as a child/adolescent. Too much jumping and landing hard on ice in skates caused disintegrating cartilage in my knees. A car accident when I was 20 caused me to bulge several discs in my neck that never healed. Unrelated to the car accident, I also have deteriorating discs in my neck, as well as 3 discs in my lower back that are either bulging, or slightly ruptured.

The extra person I carry on my backside doesn't help the situation, however, these issues were issues long before my sidekick moved in.

(now back to my point)

I called our friend who is also our Chiropractor, and asked if I could come in on Friday morning and get a deep tissue (YOUCH) massage, and maybe feel around to see if anything out of alignment. He obliged. And sent me home with little more than a short neck rub and lots of concern about adjusting me.

We left it at I would call him Monday - or this weekend if I was desperate - and let him know how I was feeling. Heat/Cold, pain meds, sleepless nights, neck pillows squished and squashed and used in ways I don't think they were meant to be used, and lots of over stuffed stuffed animals from Jadon's bed to hug on and snuggle with, lay on, toss off the bed when they took up too much space, lots of stretching and praying that the concurrent impending headaches would stave off for one more moment, one more day - who am I kidding - forever. I am knock on wood, feeling a little better, but now that the swelling is down, I know the sharp pain I am feeling is disc pain.


(and please, don't apologize for my stupidity! I deserve scoldings, not pity!)
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