Monday, February 9, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I am getting really bad at this. Hopefully MckMama will still be my friend even though I have been most recently living at the bottom of her list. Oh, what am I saying - of course she will - I am her favorite wolverine! (just don't tell the rest of them!)

Not once this past week did I consider making up an award or a meme just so I could make a button or two. Its not in my nature to do things creatively.

I did not have a conversation with one, let alone two, gift shops about consigning my jewelry. One in my very small town, and one in the bigger small town 40 miles from here.

I did not re-rupture my disc on Saturday whilst lifting manyheavyboxes filled with old photo albums of my moms. I wouldn't do something so crass as to actually do hard labor inmypajamas, and not expect reprocussions.

I did not stay in pajama's again all weekend because it has become my new norm was really comfortable.

It most certainly did not take me nearly 12 hours to clean out the closet that I sat in in my pajama's re-rupturing my disc on Saturday. I did not use my pain as an excuse the reason why I couldn't set up the film at the club on Saturday night. It was more likely the Vicadin and Torodol I took after the pain that caused me to text my incapacitation to the person I begged to do the set up.

I would never have enough nerve to tell my mother in law this morning that my husband was going to have to use another vacation day for his lack of work last week in the hopes that she would finally send the check for the money she owes him for moving all of the furniture out of her fathers house.

I still do not have the guts to call my sister in law to see if her marriage to my husbands brother will survive the turmoil it appears to be in. I do not want to give in to the speculation, and I do not want my other sister in law to get into trouble for telling me if she was not supposed to.

I do think that my other sister in law is hoping I will spill the beans to my mother in law so that maybe my mother in law will bud in and say something to stop the nonsense. I will not however be the one to tell her. Its not my story to tell.

I just really hope my husbands brother did not do what my other sister in law said he did (and no, it is not that!)

Whew, that felt good.

I did not just freak out that my side bar is at the bottom of my posts....
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