Monday, January 12, 2009


Im at home today (hey, I haven't done my not me's yet...) watching The View, and once again listening to Ann Coulter share her opinion.

Does the woman ever hear the "other side"? Her "opinion" be it may, is just that. It may be fact based, it may not, but she cannot shut her mouth long enough to see what she is selling her book as - "seeing the other side of the story".

She is like a train wreck I cannot look away from, even though her interviews never get anywhere because she is like a cat stalking its prey... prowling, stalking, pouncing, biting. Then growling all the while her victims try to cry out to be heard.

Dear Ann,

Less coffe. More sleep. Maybe take a pill.

Do something to make us love you the way you love yourself.

Maybe some of what you have to say has merit, but your attitude kinda sucks a little.
Just sayin'.

Sincerely, me

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