Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy 4th of July kids - I mean last day of school

Its official. Thank you Mother Nature. You have now sealed my childrens fate. They will now be in school until July.


If you watch the news at all, then you will have noticed that my state (and the ones huddled up against it) has been shivering under a blanket of snow and extreme temperatures.

The temp today? -30
The windchill today? -45

School today? CLOSED

Let me back it up a few days...

Monday: CLOSED - Snow, wind, blizzard conditions, extreme cold
Tuesday: 2 hours late - Snow, wind, extreme cold
Wednesday: 2 hours late - wind, extreme cold
Thursday: CLOSED - there are no words for how cold it is
Friday is almost guaranteed to be either late or closed - however it is supposed to "warm up" to zero I believe...

One week of messed up days wouldn't normally affect the end of the year, but this is not even the beginning of late and cancelled school days.

The week before Christmas for instance... Monday they were two hours late because of snow. Friday they were two hours late because of wind and snow. The week before that, and so on and so on, they have missed adnauseum at minimum 2 hours a week since Thanksgiving.

Its only January. We are not even in our snowiest month here on the prairie. March guarantees at least 3-5 days of late/no school.

So if I add it up, and believe me when I say I have already lost track, I forsee us sending our little snow balls to school much into June (our last scheduled day of school is May 29).

The pile of snow in my front yard next to my driveway? It is already well over 8-10' high. Mostly from piling up what fell on our driveway, as well as drifting (we probably only have 12-15" on the ground). That little mountain will probably be there until the 4th of July too.

Mother Nature and your cold bitter friend Old Man Winter... Bite me. I have had it with both of you. I have always defended you, always stood proud against your snowy abominations, singing your praises of hot flash relief, but this is going a little overboard dontchathink?

It is only January 15th, you have three more months to mess with us - can you give us a little break every now and then?
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