Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Me! Monday?

It's Monday again... the blog carnival is always on at ring leader MckMama's place!

Just because I did not participate these past few weeks, that does not mean there hasn't been anything I did not do. It just means I did not tell you about it.

First off, I must admit, I did not spend a lot of time blogging these past few weeks. Not because I had nothing to say, because anyone who knows me knows that I have ALOT to say - usually about nothing.

I did not sleep much last week. I do not know if it was because I am very stressed over budget cuts at my office, or if it is stress over the economy, or if it is stress over my husbands increasing lack of work, or if it is ... who cares, its all money related.

Or is it?

Could it be that I found myself getting sucked in my the evil black box in my family room?

I did not breathe several sighs of relief when we made it through last week without the bank calling us and telling us to take our money (BWA!) and go elsewhere (ha! Ha! HA!). If you didn't see the joke, and need further explanation, the word "money" and the word "our" are almost never used in the same sentence when I describe "us" - at least not recently.

I did not over zealously thank the lovely lady at the hospital who said she would do "what she could" to help us pay down the remaining 5 grand we owe. Of course she will help, she has reviewed our history there - they are getting paid 10's of thousands of dollars each year by my insurance company for countless procedures and kidney surgery's and various other anomalies that come with arthritis and Fibromyalgia (like the knee that isn't functioning properly without massive doses of pain these days - might be that fall from, you know, in the post office where I also procured three broken ribs and a mighty fine lecture about not suing).

I did not wear 3 1/2" heels the day we had Career Fair at the high school. Not only did I not wear them, but I certainly did not put on the pair that was a little too small. I did not do it because I am very much aware that I have a pain disorder, and would be on my painful little tootsies alldaylongwithoutsitting.

But in my absolute stupidity defense, have you seen how tall they grow high school kids these days? I look like a 3rd grader compared to these giants. Apparently the girls have forgotten what lunch was. And dinner. And breakfast. I never knew giants could wear size 5T's.

And for the record... I do not understand the whole wearing flannel pj bottoms, 5 layers of various t's, tanks, sweatshirts, and slippers to school thing. I must be getting old fashioned. (getting? can you get old fashioned? sounds like an illness).

I do not have so much to do today. So much that I am wanting to crawl back into (I suppose I should crawl out of before I make this statement) bed and hide. For oh.... 4 weeks or so.

I do not understand why my husband does not want to find a way to make today work out for him. You know, go to work, crash at my aunts or brothers, and actually WORK this week. They have several uncovered loads in the cities for him, but nothing coming back home. He gets all pissy when his paycheck comes, and he is on partial lay off, but since work called and said "if you can find a place to crash, we can keep you busy all day". Apparently this making money so we can eat thing is also getting old fashioned.

I do not believe that people do not see the truth behind Caylee Anthony's grandfathers attempted suicide. Um, hello? He knew she was missing but never reported it? I think this whole family needs to be sent to exile island.

I did not just look at the clock and see it is waaaaay more after 8 than I thought.

I digress.

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