Tuesday, September 2, 2008


For two weeks now I have been working on a blog for a club that some other yo'cals and I started almost a year ago. We have had a website, but since I am the webmaster, and don't like to update it, I decided I would do a blog instead. The blog can list upcoming musical and theatrical acts just as easily as a website - but at a bazillion times faster updating, and easier access.

So I worked on it. And I launched it. And I built some "search engine optimizations" on Google, and I published and emailed everyone and their 3rd cousin all about the club's new blog.

...and then...

Two weeks later I discovered it was listed under my personal profile for this blog...

... d'oh ...

The other blog has alot of my personal information on it, including phone numbers, addresses, and nearly my name-rank-serial number.

Attached to a blog where I talk about my kids by name.

Talk about throwing ANY sense of anonymity out the proverbial door.

Needless to say, I have removed "that blog" from my profile. I do not want to have to rebuild it from scratch, so until I figure out how to transfer it from my existing email/user information to something else (does anyone know - can I just add myself as a new manager with new log in information, and then remove my old self?) its only going to be public to those who know about it.

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