Monday, September 22, 2008

Mckmama and Stellan are in need of your prayers again

Things have been going so well that we all have held out hope that God heard our prayers and made his plans for Stellan the same as Mckmama's and her entire Mckfamily.

But today in her post "Be patient child I am not finished with you yet", she revealed that Stellan is again in dire need of support and prayer, and and more importantly, is in dire need of divine intervention should he be allowed to live on this earth with his wonderfully amazing family.

Something you will find enchanting about Mckmama is that even in her need, she still finds time to share the good things in her life. So please, if you would be so kind as to think of them, maybe say a prayer and visit her through the link above and read, patiently, through the entire post.

I believe in God. I may not always be a good Catholic, but I do believe in the power of prayer.

Thank you!

While you are thinking about them and saying a little prayer for Stellan, can you also say a little extra one that the biopsy Mckmama is having in two weeks is not pre Cancer - or God forbid, Cancer - and pray that the cyst on her ovary is nary more than a bothersome nothing (this she wont know until Stellan's birthday on October 29th).

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