Sunday, September 21, 2008

Not Me Monday

I eluded to this earlier, and also placed a button on the right side bar. MckMama over at mycharmingkids started something last week that she intended as a "get it off my chest" moment, and it turned literally into as she puts it a "carnival" of "not me's".

So in true creative (almost 32 weeks pregnant and Stellan is rockin') fashion, she decided to make this a Monday staple.

So why do it Sunday? Well, she has a busy day tomorrow, and well, we are all so dedicated that we are stalkers committed to being at her side at all times, so well, its time! :)

Not Me Monday - 1st Edition:

I did not just take my laptop away from Jim so I could check on MckMama, and all of my other bloggy friends.

I did not spend all day today in my pj's - cleaning a little here and there, but mostly just sitting around hanging out in the internets.

I certainly did not spend all day indoors when it was beautiful outside - re watching old DVR events, I just did not!

I did not go to the cities on Friday and spend money on things I didn't need, barely wanted, and clearly should not have purchased while telling Jim that he was on a tight budget this weekend.

NO, I did not!

I did not for the 3,631,483 time think about starting a diet this week and then eat 4 pieces of garlic bread for dinner.

I did not not order that testing kit my doctor asked me to order almost a month ago and do it this weekend. And I will not call tomorrow and reschedule my appointment with him so I can buy myself some more time. (side note: if I don't do it soon I have a feeling he will be knocking on my door as he already threatened that "this time" I had better follow his recommendations or I will lose my kidney. I did not ignore his idle threats and procrastinate again... nope, I did not!).

I did not ask my husband if I could go to an Arts Grant Writing seminar on Tuesday instead of making him some wonderfully fabulous birthday dinner complete with cake, slippers and a pipe (well ok, I did not just over exaggerate that a titch).

I will post more tomorrow as I just realized I did not make the kids' lunches yet, and I need to do that so I can go to bed.

So your turn!

If you decide to participate, would you be willing to go visit her at mycharmingkids and add your name to the list of "Not Me's"?


I did not hang my grandmothers oriental rug over the deck rail all day and then bring it in without vacuuming it first.

I did not just discover that several species of multi legged creatures came in with the rug.

I will not admit that I am A.f.R.a.I.d. of all things multimorethanfourlegged.

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