Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Mantha

You are right, you are a big girl now, but don't forget, I have bribery! Lucky for you, most of those pictures aren't digital and I don't feel like scanning them tonight!

You were the best baby. You wanted mom all the time as a newborn, and I loved it. We spent the first 4 weeks sleeping on the sofa, and then one day you decided it was ok to sleep in a bed, mine of course. Before I knew it, like it was old hat, you slept for the first time by yourself, and the independence started.

Grandma was so proud of you. She called you her Tinkerbell. She would have done, and did most anything for you. She even waited until after your 4th birthday to say good bye. She didn't want it to be a birthday you always remembered in a sad way. I know she misses you as much as we miss her.

This has always and probably will always be my favorite picture of you. It is so whimsical. Just like you are. And it is beautiful. Just like you are.

This was your last birthday as an only child. Just a few short weeks later you became a big sister. This was that "secret, we weren't supposed to travel" last weekend at the cabin with grandma and grandpa before your brother was born.

Caught red handed. Sneaking candy before Easter Dinner was your modus operandi, but the camera does not lie, and you were caught!

You hated that I made you wear your hair curly for your first dance recital. I thought it was adorable, but ever since I have not been allowed to repeat the look.

You hate this picture, I don't.

You and your big sister. Most of my bloggy friends don't know about Alex yet, but I couldn't keep her out of your birthday post when this is your favorite picture.

And this was the one that took us much of a half hour to get right because we traded off holding the camera. It was a sad day for me because you were leaving me for a month, but amazingly, the time flew by quite quickly.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday, and that year #11 is whimsical, and beautiful and wild and happy for you! I love you baby!
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