Monday, June 23, 2008

You were right

Wait, what was that? Oh yeah, I was right.

I think I heard that mysterious sound - almost like a whisper on the wind - like a ghost in the stairwell - like a fragrant florally breeze through the window...

Like stale air after a long winter. Because it fell flat on the follow up of: but you cut it too short.

I have been begging goldy locks to let down her long hair and let me cut it. And the battle has ensued for months. She has extremely thick, extremely wavy and wild hair that is now subjected to a daily dose of chlorine. So I have begged. I have pleaded. I have bribed. Last night I sat on the sofa with a scissors taunting and teasing through what felt like an eternity of uncertainty when finally I heard a small sheepish: ok.

I was on it like flies to a cow pie. And guess what...


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