Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Microsoft Gods hate me

They do. I tell you, there is no other way to explain what just happened to me. There is nothing you can tell me - not even that it is my fault - that will make me feel any differently.

I have been writing a grant application in Power Point (yes, one of those &%#()@ grant applications that suck the ever living life out of you) all week. I emailed it home to myself tonight because I had to leave work to go to Jim's grandpa's 93rd birthday. I knew I could sneak home early and work on it. So I opened it, (yes here it comes), and I worked on it. I even hit save ever so often, (ok, obsessively), and hit print preview every time I finished a slide to see how wonderfully amazing I was.

And I have been working on it for just over 3 1/2 hours.

I decided I had done enough tonight to have me in a good place to finish up and tweak tomorrow when I am wide awake.

So I opened Outlook Express. I started an email to myself. I selected "attach a file".

...and just like that, it was gone. (what is "that" like that I say "just like that"?)



cianara. (I dont even care that I spelled that wrong)

Apparently my amazing skills and talents were so overwhelmingly blinding that I neglected to just once, one time, one second of thought, hit SAVE AS when I was working on my application.

...and just like that, it was gone.

I have searched high and low. Hither and yon. I cannot find the masterpiece.

If there is a computer geek out there that feels like rescuing this damzel in distress, I would welcome your help. But I am sure as the ache in my head that it is gone. Like a figment of my imagination, gone - never was there to begin with.

I am bringing my laptop to work tomorrow in the hopes that I either can shake the document out, or that someone will trip me on the sidewalk causing me to fall flat on my face as I watch my lifeline (laptop - keep up with me people) fly through the air into oncoming traffic (wishful thinking in a town of 5,000), get bounced off the tires of a large diesel, launch a block away onto the railroad tracks where the highspeed locomotive that comes through town every morning at 8:30 will slam on its brakes to avoid said lifeline only to stop just short. Either way, I will exact my revenge on this computer that is obsessed with the devil Microsoft.
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