Sunday, June 8, 2008


Well we all made it back alive. The pits of hell did not consume us. It did not turn us into I-wegians, it did not suck us up and spit us back out. It was very gracious and kind, and very hospitable.

I may even go back for another visit soon - well, maybe.

If you arent from Minnesota, you may not get the jabs. But those of you from Iowa, please still love me for all I am - I dont mean you harm, I just have to tell it like it is! ; )

The last few weeks have been crazy busy, but rewarding and irritating, and stressful and fun all the same.

Relay is coming up in 7 weeks and I feel like I am forgetting something. I am a Chair this year, and being closely scrutinized by the past Chair. I think he would like to see us (the other Chair) and I fail so he can say that the reason our county has been ranked #1 in the Midwest, and in the top 10 in the US per capita has been because of his leadership (I dont think he understands that the donors are the ones that got us to that goal. So that is kind of eating at me.

I will get over it!

The club is going well - we have had a lot of rentals which is helping us financially, but we need more members soon. We are doing a fundraiser called "Back Yards and Blooms" that is looking to be a very sucessful venture. We have 6 awesome hosts who will share their "back yard" masterpieces with people who buy tickets. We will end it with amazing home baked non traditional desserts from several ladies in the community that have some undiscovered talent! We arent talking your average cookies, bars, cakes and pies here people, we are talking works of art. I cant wait. We are going to sell the recipes in a little "Back Yards, Blooms and Delicacy's" book to those who want to purchase during the tours. It has been a great fundraiser in the past for the Skate Park, and since they raised all their money, they were happy to let us use the fundraiser for the club. It should raise over $1,2oo, which should pay off the balance left on our sound system. Whew!

Crickets party was a.m.a.z.i.n.g! I will share some pics and the story leading up to the event on another post (maybe tomorrow), but suffice it to say, other than it being in I.O.W.A, it was fantastical!

This is going to be another killer week. Last week I wasnt home a single night - the week before I was home Thursday, and this week, I *may* be home Wednesday, but Thursday morning I leave at 6 am for mini institute in St. Cloud and wont get back until late that night, and then we leave Friday for Jim's Fathers Day camping extravaganza.

Next week I have a week of non stop meetings and last minute projects before the town celebration. We are also in a push for some prime entertainment at the club, so we need to get the fall line up completed before the rest of the summer activities kick off!

The following week is our towns week long summer celebration. Monday is Taste of St J, Tuesday I have a Board Meeting, Wednesday we have a 3 hour business course for our Latino business owners (or potential owners), Thursday we have the Chamber's Rail Run, Friday is the Chambers Golf Tournament, and Saturday is the parade and all day activities. Sunday the kids and I will leave for a peaceful week long vacation at my aunt and uncles, through the 4th of July (YAY - this is our favorite time of year). I have a huge conflict I need to over come however, and that is that I planned a course with our EDA for my members on the 30th - not even considering I will be gone, and that this vacation is planned every year for the same time of year. A vacation that is like changing underwear everyday. The vacation that everyone knows they dont mess with because it is sacred.

The week we come back is our County Fair, the clubs Back Yards and Blooms, and second round of courses that the EDA and I are doing. It will also be Relay crunch time for the event on the 25th (there is a TON to do the last few weeks).

Holy hell, if I survive the next two months I may have to sleep for the month of August just to catch up.

But I love it! And tomorrow our Chick Flick at the club is "Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants", so I will get to start the hectic week off with one of my fav girlie movies!

Have a great one!
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