Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Mothers Day Tribute to...

ME! Of course! I was going through old files in my computer looking for a particular picture of my mom, and ran across a bunch of my favorite kid pics. So in honor of Mothers Day, I am going to post some of them.

I can post current pics any ol'day, but today I want to post the older ones! Besides, these represent where the love started!

One would think this picture was from the 80's with the big hair, but no, its from 1998!

Mantha's aunt owns Peek-A-Boo Studio. When Mantha and her cousin were born, Steph was just getting started. We have a ton of creative photo's like this. She is amazing at what she does. Of course they are all on film, so I would have to scan them!

My bathing beauty! At 2 1/2 no less!

We took these pictures for Mothers Day 1999. Mom was getting ready to start Radiation and we weren't sure if she would lose her hair, so we did this shoot (again by Stephanie). We had to do it twice on two different days because grandma's "tinker bell" was a pill during the first shoot!

This was the first moment Mantha saw her new brother. She had gone away with my dad for the weekend not knowing that she would come home a big sister. None of us did!

We took family pictures right after Jadon was born (again with Stephanie) - hindsight - our blues didn't match - dont try to wear the same color... it doesnt always work!

Self portrait. I guess neither one of us felt like smiling???

How could Santa not deliver presents to this little fella??

This was one of those lucky shots. Jadon was fussing, so Jim went over to soothe him and Steph snapped the picture. These are the pictures you just don't get by posing.

Simply titled: "Super Big Smile"

Whoa! That is a really white baby! My kids have a tendancy to stay this way no matter how much time they spend outside. Mantha finally got some pigment to her skin at around 7, so we are holding out hope for Jadon in the next year or so!

Awwww.... bubby! This one made us laugh (and still does), because he was barely standing at this time, but he stood in that window rather than nap, and cried and cried and cried. For those of you who dont camp, the mattress is right next to the window. That pitiful face still makes me want to go scoop him up and snuggle. There were at minimum 10 of us watching this display. Like an animal in a cage trying to get out! I dont think Jadon took a nap that day!

I love this picture. Big scab and all!

First Birthday. Cake with racecars. Racecars on road. Road = black frosting. White shirt + black frosting = big mess!

Great grandpa owned a barber shop "back in the day" - you know, the old fashioned kind with the swirly candy cane light out front. While he has been retired for almost 20 years, he still asked to give Jadon his first hair cut. I just love this picture! It was taken in their basement just after the hair cut (Jadon had pin curls until this picture)

Jadon's first day in the snow - yes, he was 2... He learned to walk in the spring, so he really didnt spend his "1 year" out in the snow!

I could go on and on all day, but I dont want to bore you!

Have a wonderful Mothers Day!!!!!!!!!

Wait, I have a few more!

He climbed up. He just wouldn't climb down. Yep, thats the same face he had in the camper. Pissed as all get out!

Pickin' up chicks! Ok, well cousins... He drove my niece around the cul-de-sac for over an hour. They had so much fun!

Playing dress up and sneaking candy. I just love her. She doesnt believe me - you know, because she is 10, but really I do!

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