Friday, May 2, 2008

4 inches

Turn off that dirty little mind!

Jim just called our backyard neighbor to be sure they saw the quickly growing lake in their yard (we have one too, but our house is on a hill, theirs is not). They had not looked out back yet, so she went to the deck to check it out and looked at the rain gauge. Its 6:00 and we are already at 4" of rain, with heavy bands still expected tonight. We were warned that we could get upwards of 3", but this is absurd!

I know, it seems like I obsess over the weather around here, but it has been strange! We had 8" of snow two weeks ago, and another near blizzard last week. We even had a Tornado watch last night. Now tonight we are supposed to have snow overnight, which with our temps, and the water on the ground it wont stick at all, but still. Its May 2nd people.

What more can I say?
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