Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happy Anniversary Hon-e

Six years ago today

Some of you have had some amazing posts for your anniversary - I just have my favorite picture and a memory that goes along with it.

Jim proposed to me at a very hard time in my life. I lost my mother 5 weeks prior, we had just found out she carried a genetic cancer, and we were fastly approaching Thanksgiving, a holiday that for over 20 years, my mom and I always prepared together.

When he proposed he told me about his ideal wedding. It included marrying in our church, and our reception on a paddle boat on the St. Croix. He made it easy for me to plan. I had the locations, and I didn't have to hire any sort of entertainment!

Every year I am reminded of the amazing people I met that made the day become the best it could be. In honor of my wedding anniversary, I thought I would pay homage to those who made the day extraordinary. I will give them props partly because they deserve it, and partly because its my first step to getting my scrapbook information together (and a good place to do it). I will premise this list with I was very lucky to have some wonderful connections, and some very creative friends/family.

First of all the flowers... My cousin Eric now has his own amazing studio called Floral Logic. But when I got married, he was still working for his previous employer Wisteria. Eric did all the work and ordered all the flowers, so I will only link to his studio! Call it family homage!

I was an easy bride I think. He may tell you differently however, because I had no idea what I wanted. I take that back - I had two requests: 1. I had to have pink rosebuds in my bouquet to honor my mom; 2. I had to have variegated hydrangeas somewhere. But that was it. The color scheme I originally wanted changed when the dresses I wanted were not my bridesmaids favorites (yes, I let them change my color scheme - because I really didn't care - all that mattered was I was getting married!). The dresses they chose still worked with what Eric was doing, so we didn't sweat it.

The cakes... oh the cakes... Robin at Gateaux Inc is my hero. My friends, and people who attended my wedding still talk about the cakes. Now when I say cakes I mean cakes. I had five different flavors - 4 tiers with 5 cakes at the base - not a one of them the same flavor! The topper was a surprise because I didn't care - they were all good. I found the order slip the other day - in an odd place mind you - but that is inconsequential. All of the cakes had buttercream frosting (except mine), with white fondant. My cake was dark chocolate fudge with fudge frosting. Jim's was lemon cream cheese. The most amazing buttery vanilla cake with lemon cream cheese filling. The other flavors were lemon custard, raspberry, and white chocolate. Each of the flavors were represented on the bottom tier. Eric did the flowers on the cakes. It was heavenly.

The reception... Jim asked to choose the venue, and how was I to say no when it didn't mean some off the wall local, or a Legion/VFW hall. I was relieved. The St. Croix Boat and Packet Company also known as Stillwater River Boats and Andiamo Entertainment, was home to our reception boat The Empress.

The Empress was amazing. It was large enough to seat our dinner guests in the lower level - table served of course. Then the after dinner gatherings and bar (duh!) were on the second level, and photo ops and site seeing on the upper deck. Jim and I were even bestowed the honor of driving the boat!

Three or four years before we got married, a friend of mine was married on one of the smaller boats. When she planned her reception, she had to find a caterer in Stillwater that was available to do her date. It wasn't easy. When we got married St. Croix Boat Company was just starting their own catering. It was very good, and very creative. Jim and I returned to the Avalon for a dinner cruise on our 5th anniversary last year, and the food was even better. We were supposed to be on The Empress, but a wedding got booked, so we were switched.

Photographer... My "sister in law" (really she is not, but I call her that because she is Mantha's aunt, and although her dad and I never married, Steph and I were very close - more like sisters) Stephanie was just starting her own business Peek-A-Boo Studios. It was great to have Steph as my photog because she knew me really well. She knew my family and all of our quirks. And she was prepared for all of them. All of them including one of our attendants showing up in tennis shoes instead of his highly polished, ever so comfortable wedding shoes. She was like a pit bull on caffeine when someone mis stepped, but it was always respectful and always in my best interest.

I hope I didn't miss anyone - now I have to find the pictures. I know where they are - buried underneath all of that rubble in my closet in the hallway...

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