Thursday, November 19, 2009

Giant Chickens, crossed fingers, public speaking and am I blind?

This morning when Jadon made his annual morning trek to daddy's side of the bed to "just rest my head one more minute", I shared with him the ca-ra-zy dream I had just awoken from.

I was dreaming about our home (even though it looked more like this amazing place I keep dreaming about - is that a sign that some day it will be mine?).  We had just tucked Jadon in for the night.  He came trodding out of his bed to tell us there was a strange scratching noise on his ceiling - he was sure it was mice, rats, or squirrels (if only he knew that none of those would be allowed in this amazing place I keep dreaming about).  After searching the attic (because that is what we do), we went outside.  By now the entire neighborhood has joined us on the street, looking back at my home (of my dreams) to find a giant chicken on the roof.  When I say giant I mean GIANT.

When we reached the street, just to the north of us a giant black creature with a bushy black tail ran past us - upright in an unnatural state, accosting our neighbors roof. 

Suddenly as if the skies parted, there were white balls of something appearingly falling from the heavens.  But the large chunks of hail were really eggs.  The chicken was throwing EGGS at us!  When it ran out of eggs, it started throwing the bricks from our chimney.  Its black hairy friend next door was doing the same.

In his defense, I know this is not how my husband would have reacted, but it was my dream remember, and therefore I must tell it as it was...  My husband darted across the drive to be at my side - me thinking he had Jadon in his arms.  I was so very wrong.  Jadon was still out in the street playing dodgeball with bricks and other flying foreign objects - Jim was scared and didn't want to get hit. 

Then out of nowhere, like a knight in shining armor, my mothers brother Ed appeared.  He swooped down and grabbed Jadon from his hovering spot in the street and dropped him gently next to me before crashing to the ground...

and then my alarm went off....

So tonight as I was driving home I realized that we don't have a sitter for Satruday night...  So I sent a text to my adorable cousin Sarah Belle (who is more like a little sister - kind of like her twin, and my cousin Chrissy - I just adore them all!) and said exactly this:  "come over and babysit for me on Saturday, k?"  - only she lives like 140 miles away in a 4th floor dorm (with no elevators yo - it was not fun moving her in I tell ya - my old lazy butt does not do 4 flights of stairs).  She still said "yes" - if she can catch a ride from someone who lives close.  I hope she can come - we have so much fun with Sarah!

Here is to hoping! (oooohhhh my nails look nasty....)

I mean really - who wouldn't want to spend a few days with these two clowns?

Yesterday afternoon I received a call from our former American Cancer Society Relay For Life Rep.  She was very kindly, and in a round a bout way, asking me to speak at the Regional Roundtable Conference on Saturday. 

Being the ever people pleaser that I try to be I conceded.  This afternoon I received a call from her counterpart to go over the emailed materials they want me to share with not one, but two break out sessions - each an hour long, on Saturday morning and afternoon.  I have so much prep work to do, but until an hour ago my laptop was receiving a much needed lobotomy.  Thank goodness the school tech person is a genius!

If I have many spelling errors in this (or any future) post, I would like to point the finger at the culprit - unless I am blind, it appears that the last time Blogger upgraded they removed Spell Check.  Am I blind?
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