Monday, November 16, 2009

Outstanding! A+

That is what the note said on the report that Mantha brought home today from school.

This is why...

The project called for a "diorama" of one of the stops of the Ojibwe on their way to Minnesota.  Mantha chose Niagra Falls.  Instantly ideas were pumping through my brain - what we could use, how it could look.  But I was forgetting this was her project.  So I let her creativity take hold.  I spawned some ideas of course by providing the tools/supplies, and together, we built Niagra Falls with Mod Podge colored with blue food coloring covering baby fleece yarn as water, and Floral Moss covering the tops of twigs and sticks as tree's.  Luckily we have a friend who owns a gift store and has a plethora of styrofoam.

So our her project got not only an "A", but an Outstanding "A+".

To those kids who brought blueberry muffins (a state symbol?) I chuckle.  How you got an "A" I will never understand, as you and your mothers did not have much time to bond on a beautiful Sunday now did you?

Bad mom, I know!  I will repent by guiding my daughter to another "A+" with the cover of her autobiography...

I only helped a little... I promise!
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