Thursday, December 3, 2009

Broken fingers, Broken relationships, Broken hearts

On Sunday morning Jim and I attempted a new line of work - chimney cleaning. My pinky didnt survive it.  Jim on the roof, me in the family room. He was pulling the rope from up top, I was pulling it from below. I had to wrap the rope around my hand and pull because the brush got stuck. He started pulling before I unwrapped. At first I thought he just had the end of the glove. Broke it just above the top knuckle. Snapped it back in wrong and pinched off a vein - got it all aligned at the Doctor on Monday but also severed the finger nail under the skin so it will eventually fall out. 4 days later it still hurts just a TINY (very large!) bit! Guess I will stick to my day job!  

This weekend my husbands side will be at our house for our annual Christmas gathering. I am struggling with an issue with my mother in law that I don't know how to rectify.  I feel like if I share my thoughts I will cause more friction.  The issue shouldn't even exist.  Its minute.  But it is causing her a lot of dispair.  I want to take the high road and tell her she is right so the issue is dropped, but the fact of the matter is, she is not.  I heard from others in the family that she may not enjoy the weekend because of it, and she won't talk to my husband because she thinks we are trying to rile her up - which if she would give us 5 minutes to explain she would find we are not...  Ugh!

There is are issues that have been ongoing on with one of my friends that is makes me want to go all postal - because I KNOW she does not deserve it!  I have expressed my feelings to her and to the people who are brow beating her, but it truly breaks my heart that so many people can find joy in bringing her down publicly.  She is a much better person than I because she is taking it in stride.  Interestingly, the group that is making it their mission to make her their punching bag is now hiding from public view themselves.  I find that interesting.

BUT ITS SNOWING and that makes it all better!
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