Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lots of leaves and even more Jen(ny)(ies)

Yesterday was very productive...  Up at the crack of early, for the first time in 7 years, we all participated in the much dreaded fall clean up - back yard style.

Our works in pictures...


This is actually the leaves on our neighbors yard - but ours looked just like it...


Another year of failed grass growing under our belts!

The jumping pile after it was all jumped out...

Wagons for everyone...

The Crew Supervisor

The Waitress (aka slept in and came out in time to serve beverages - meaning all the work was done)

That smile?  It was relief that she didn't have to rake!

The Leaf Mover

The Digger

(that really his is nickname, so this picture was too perfect!  Who would think those little legs could make such big holes!)

Let me out!

Daschel was exiled to the deck because he thought the piles were for play!

I will admit there was a little bribery involved in the crew's willingness to help us.  This under recognized iconic locale known as McDonalds.  It kept them going until pre-wilting due to starvation.  Post bribery naps were had by all!

After naps and laziness concluded I had a date with some of my good friends for a birthday!  A small girls night out turned into a rompin', bar hoppin' (lots of drivin' to other small towns) and tons of jukebox playin', dancin', laughin', not just for girls night out.  Unfortunately some of us did not know boys were allowed until we were already piling into cars like clowns, so the Crew Supervisor was stuck with daddy duty.

Lots and lots of Jen(ny)(ies) were out to play last night.  Jen, Jenny and Jennie were in prime form.  Susie and Nicole wore out the dance floor.  Lee and Troy were embarrassed by the whole lot, Dave and Rod tried to keep up, Steve and Michelle caught up to us at our last resort, and Ben, well he showed up late for the party too but was already 12 sheets to the wind.

It was fun, I am amazed I am not hurting right now.  When I arrived home at 2 am, my husband was still awake.  It has been said that I was very chatty upon arrival.  Could it be that my last two beverages included passion fruit rum and Red Bull?

Happy Birthday Susie!

To ensure that Jennie does not double book, I wrote down our next two dates for her on a bar napkin - now I have witnesses lest she forgets!

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